Registration Agreement of FedEur SA Common Shareholder Agreement of FedEur SA

1. The FedEur  Incubator of our Digital-Selves


FedEur plc. is the shareholder incubator of our Digital-Self, all together in a Decentralized Social Network of data sovereign Human Ressources:


MyDigiself data, software and hardware belongs to the swiss FedEur plc., so through its shareholding , each user-shareholder becomes also the owner of her/his data and software parcel, of her/his digital-self NFT. 


Since the establishment of the first 10 million tokenizable shares (F€ share tokens in the ETH2 blockchain), constitutes the social network of digitally liberated human resources united by the FedEur plc shareholding,, each shareholder being not only the owner of the company capital, assets and liabilities, but also the owner of his own DigiSelf NFT, of his own data as well as their beneficiary in the BigData global economy


It allows to all the shareholders of MyDigiSelf community to own and control their digital-body and to earn from the BigData economy, becomig a digital-souvereign in the web-3 era of information.


Together we are the BigData content, assets and fortune !


2. The Mechanism of the FedEur PLC/AG/SA 

         F€  =  FedEur share (optionally share-token in ETH 2 blockchain) of the FedEur p.l.c. holding the ownership of our digital profiles and of our MyDigiSelf social network (software and data value) 

         DST = DigiSelf Token - reward token which is generated by the platform into the MyDigiSelf User wallet for all the user actions contributing to the growth of our network.

  • For subscribing the 1st time the shareholding of our MyDigiSelf network , the User receive 10 DST
  • For each new subscriber comming through his/her invitation or her/his post link in any social network using the link of the original MyDigiSelf post , this User receive 5 DST 
  • For each like received to her/his post to our MyDigiSelf Social Network, the User receives 1 DST
  • Far each donnation for the Digital Human Rights defended by Europolis Association the User receives as many DST as CHF/EUR have been donnated. 

   Only by subscribing "Become Shareholder" for a fee of 10 CHF/EUR ( ) the user becomes a shareholder and receives 1 F€ share (share-token) of the FedEur plc as well as her/his DigiSelf NFT Passport and Company Shareholding Certificate


  Only DST allows to FedEur Shareholders to aquire a new FedEUR company share (or F€ share-token).


  Only FedEUR Shareholders ( subscribers)  can use their DST to aquire new F€ company shares and only within the limit of their DST. 


    For FedEur to grow and become the planned Value Assessor & Regulator System of digital profiles forming MyDigiSelf Human Ressouces network, each SUBSCRIBER becomes a FedEur shareholder. 

Each MyDigiSelf subscribers may decide the number of its FedEur share-tokens (F€* in ETH 2 blockchain) she/he may wish to be invest, but limited to the number of the DST having been credited into her/his wallet

The MyDigiSelf subscribers  are pemanetly rewarded for the growing of our network due to their invitations and posts through the social platforms with the equivalent DST e-tokens of the new members to aquire more FedEur tokenized shares.


By subscribing additional F€* tokenized shares, the FedEur shareholder increases her/his own Digiself NFT value,, so of our tokenized social network in which each token is covered by the Digital Human Ressource value of the shareholder , but especially to valuing the FedEur token from its initial investment value to its real market value when a critical mass of human resources join our data souvereign social network. 


Exemple :

John has 137 DST into his Digiself internal wallet. 87 DST comes from MyDigiSelf platform rewards of his/her 87 ‘descendants’ (composed from 59 invited friends or 28 subscribers as readers of her/his posts on different social networks, both containing his MyDigiSelf autogenerated link) who all became subscribers (active members) of MyDIgiSelf Network. The other 50 DST comes from his 50 EUR donation to defend the Digital Human Rights through our Europolis Association. 


John may then decide to aquire 120 supplimentary F€ shares (or share-tokens ) from the treasury shares of our FedEUR Company at their daily internal value. 

If John has a cryptowallet address into his profile then he can aquire the 120 F€ through a blockchain transaction with the AKTIONARIAT Swiss Brokerboot installed into our application. 

If John don't have a Cryptowallet , then he uses our securised internal share-transfert which automatecly generates him an updated Certificate of Shareholder once the bank transfert is effective, recording his new shareholding into the FedEur Shareholding Register too.  


He will remains with 17 DST  into his DigiSelf wallet allowing him to publish pols, to start crowdfunding projects , to contact people out of his network, or to reward the people who like for their activity. 


3. The  Europolian membership 

The members of MyDigiself Social Network who support the Digital Human Rights (Europolis Association, Geneva, Switzerland) are called europolians.  


The europolians are rewarded into their DigiSelf wallet with 1 DigiSelf token for each 1 CHF/EUR/USD donnation .


4. The FedEur Share-Tokens value  >> 1 F€= 2 CHF/EUR

The value of supplimentary F€ share-tokens available for aquisition by the FedEur shareholders (MyDigiSelf subscribers) is automatecly increased with each blockchain-transaction. 

Today, based on the last treasury share free transactions on the web 3 market, the F€ share-token of FedEur plc is quoted at 1 F€= 2 CHF/EUR.


5. F€ as regulator of the ManPower cost of an HR exchange market concept?

Upon reaching a critical F€ transactions value, the MyDigiSelf subscribers may decide to insert additional liquidity by a public FedEur issuance as a global blockchain e-currency, backed by the market value of DigiSelf regulator and assessor of the Human Resources Skills.

Every F€ owned (FedEur shareholder certificate) is tradable in the market. It is expected that the DST becomes the e-currency (DigiSelf in Zero Knowledge crypto-tech) covered by the F€ value  -  to be e its owners adequate re-valuation, up to the line of the existing crypto currencies.


Get freed your digital profile and put it under your control and ownership!